Moksa CBD Isolate Oil Tincture – Hibiscus Tea 2000mg (15ml)


Hibiscus Tea Flavored CBD Isolate Oil Tincture 2000mg -15ml

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This flower extract has a sour and a tart flavor and might have been used by different cultures as a remedy for various conditions. Africans might have used Hibiscus tea to treat liver disease, constipation, cancer, and cold symptoms while Egyptians might have used it to treat heart and nerve diseases, lower the body temperature, and as a diuretic to increase urine production.

How to Use:
Simply add 4 drops of your Natural Flower Extract and CBD Infused Green Tea Drops into a hot cup of water and stir.

Additional Information:
1. Multiple therapeutic benefits
2. 100 % Organic
3. No additives or preservatives
4. Flower extract prepared from organically grown medical plants

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