SPB 3000 Cannabryl DEWAXED Cannabis Tincture 3000mg 4:1 (CBD DOMINANT), 30 ml


3000mg full-spectrum dewaxed cannabis tincture with 4:1 CBD-THC ratio (CBD dominant).

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Strength: 3000mg
Quantity: 30ml
CBD-THC: 4:1

Packaging: Tinctures come in UV protective blue coloured glass bottles, with silicon rubber, Sealed child resistance cap and calibrated glass pipette.

Each 0.25 ML of dropper calibrations is equivalent to six drops of fluid.

Tinctures are a great way to modulate formulations according to the desired strength. They are less concentrated than extracts and are more dilute, which can be easily be dispensed through a glass dropper. There is no major therapeutic difference between the extract and Tinctures, it’s more of a personal preference of dispensing and severity of the condition. For Example, if you have an acute disease or chronic pain, Doctor may prescribe a more potent extract than a tincture however if the condition is mild like sleep disorder, you will most probably be prescribed only the mild potency of Tincture.

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