IRV 1250 Cannabryl Full Spectrum Raw Extract 1250mg 1:1 CBD: THC (CBD Balanced), 5ml


1250mg full-spectrum raw cannabis extract with balanced CBD-THC ratio (1:1)

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Strength: 1250mg
Quantity: 5ml
CBD-THC ratio: 1:1

Cannabis extract is mainly derived from dried cannabis biomass. Collected biomass initially undergoes a cleaning process to remove any unwanted material like Leaves from other plants etc. Later on, the dried biomass undergoes a process called CO2 Extraction.

In this process, Co2 gas is given high pressure and high heat which leads to Co2 changing from gas to Liquid state. This Liquid Co2 penetrates into porous solids. This process squeezes out Active compounds (Cannabinoids, terpenes, Lipids and waxes). This extract is quite viscous and is referred to as Cannabis extract. The Co2 Process has a major advantage it does not pull up much of chlorophyll from plant but big it pulls up good amount of lipids and waxes. Another process to clean up waxes needs to be involved.

Another extraction methodology involves food grade ethanol-based extraction where dried bio mass is mixed with food-grade natural ethanol, and ethanol pulls in all active compounds including chlorophyll. This process is utilized and perfected by the food, pharma, skin care, and fragrance making industries. This process is quite safe. We at IBS employs both processes at different scenarios and situations.

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