Full Spectrum CBD Drops

Full-spectrum CBD extracts contain CBD in combination with other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and plant material. These extracts contain THC and can cause mild to moderate intoxication. Full-spectrum extracts are suitable for severe medical conditions. These can be used sublingually (i.e. by placing the drops directly under the tongue) or by adding to food and drink items.

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Full-spectrum extracts offer the combined benefits of all cannabinoids, terpenes, and other chemical compounds present in the cannabis plant. These extracts undergo the least amount of extraction processes and are thus most potent (in comparison to isolates and broad-spectrum).

Full-spectrum extracts are suitable for severe medical conditions. These have varying amounts of THC, which may lead to intoxicating effects. The intensity of intoxication varies according to the strength and amount of THC.

Full-spectrum extracts work on the principle of the Entourage Effect wherein the therapeutic effects of all cannabis compounds are combined. These, therefore, offer a wholesome, highly potent experience of cannabis wellness.

Some common reasons for which you can use full-spectrum CBD oil drops in India are:

  • Managing chronic pain conditions such as Arthritis and Fibromylagia
  • Reducing or relieving stress and anxiety
  • Managing or preventing severe Epileptic Seizures
  • Symptomatic relief from Chemotherapy side effects.


Benefits of Full-spectrum CBD Oil Drops

Pain Relief

CBD and THC, in combination with other cannabinoids, work together to reduce inflammation in the body. Full-spectrum CBD oil drops thus help manage inflammatory and neuropathic pain. These extracts prove particularly effective for conditions such as Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, etc.

Better Sleep

Cannabinoids in full-spectrum CBD extracts work together to reduce stress and aches in the body, thus promoting a sense of calm and a peaceful sleep. These extracts can help manage sleep disorders like insomnia naturally.

Reduced Stress

Full-spectrum CBD extracts relax the body and reduce the nervousness and jitters that often come with anxiety or panic attacks. The anti-anxiolytic properties of cannabinoids help manage social anxiety, general anxiety disorders, and chronic stress.

Controlled Seizures

An amazing benefit of full-spectrum CBD extracts is the ability to reduce or prevent seizures in conditions such as epilepsy. Cannabinoids can reduce the frequency of seizures in epileptic patients. The neuroprotective properties of cannabinoids help reduce neurotoxicity and neuroexcitation, both of which majorly trigger seizures.

Relief from Chemotherapy Side Effects

The combined action of cannabinoids in full-spectrum CBD extracts prove highly effective in providing symptomatic relief from the side effects of chemotherapy. CBD and THC can reduce pain, nausea, and tiredness that patients undergoing chemotherapy often experience.

Entourage Effects

When all the cannabinoids work together, their therapeutic properties combine to provide an enhanced benefit. Full-spectrum extracts offer the maximum possible amount of entourage effect because of their complete profile.

Medical Conditions Full-spectrum CBD Helps With

Full-spectrum CBD oil drops in India prove to be effective for:

  • Physical Ailments (e.g. Arthritis, Menstrual pain, Muscle inflammation)
  • Neurodegenerative Disorders (e.g. Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s,)
  • Neurological Disorders (e.g. Fibromyalgia, Epilepsy)
  • Autoimmune Disorders (e.g. Multiple Sclerosis, SCID)
  • Sleep Disorders (e.g. Insomnia, Sleep Apnea)
  • Psychological Disorders (e.g. Anxiety, Depression, Schizophrenia)

A Pocket Full of Wellness

Full-spectrum extracts are an all-natural, plant-based way of managing some of the most severe medical conditions. Regular use of full-spectrum CBD strengthens the metabolism of the body and supports overall well-being.


undergoes minimal processing retaining all natural compounds of cannabis.

Entourage Effect

all cannabinoids work together to provide enhanced relief.


comes with a built-in dropper that easily measures dosage.

3rd Party Lab-tested

certified and tested products that you can trust.

Ways to Use Full-spectrum CBD

There are 3 different ways to use full-spectrum CBD oil drops. Each administration method has its own pros and cons and takes different time to show effects.

Sublingual Consumption

Placing the drops under the tongue for 40-60 seconds before swallowing.

Here, CBD starts circulating in the bloodstream within 5-20 minutes. Its effects last for 2-4 hours.

Addition to Food

Add CBD drops to your favourite food and drink items such as pasta, smoothies, tea, and coffee.

This method can take up to 45-60 minutes to show effects which last for 4-6 hours.

Topical Application

Externally applying the oil drops over inflamed or sore skin, muscles, and joints.

Here, CBD does not enter the bloodstream but provides localised relief. Effects are felt within 1-5 minutes and last for 1-2 hours.


Full-spectrum CBD extracts contain the complete chemical profile of the source cannabis plant. This includes cannabinoids such as CBD, THC, CBN, CBG, CBDa, etc., terpenes, flavonoids, and other natural plant parts. Some extracts may contain a base oil like MCT oil or hemp seed oil as well as natural flavouring essences.

Suggested use

Sublingual Consumption: Squeeze the rubber end of the dropper and release while still in the bottle. Ideally, the dropper should be half full. Place the dropper under the tongue and press on the rubber end to release the drops. Let the drops be absorbed for 40-60 seconds before swallowing.

Addition to Food: Squeeze the rubber end of the dropper and release while still in the bottle. Ideally, the dropper should be half full. Press on the rubber end to release the drops into the food/drink item of your choice. Mix well before consuming.

Topical Use: Squeeze the rubber end of the dropper and release while still in the bottle. Ideally, the dropper should be half full. Press on the rubber end to release the drops into the palm of your hand. Gently rub and massage the drops over inflamed or sore skin, muscles, or joints.


Full-spectrum CBD drops are non-intoxicating but are not approved by the FDA or the AYUSH Ministry of India. For new users, we recommend 300mg strength and 10 drops a day.


There is no ideal dosage for CBD. Depending on the nature and severity of the medical condition you’re targeting and factors such as weight and metabolism, different dosages work for different people.

For absolute beginners, we recommend a 10 drops of 300mg full-spectrum CBD throughout a day.


Full-spectrum CBD drops should be stored in a cool, dark place away from heat and light.

Possible Side Effects

There have been no reported fatal side effects of CBD. However, while taking time to adjust to the body, CBD can cause some mild to moderate side effects such as:

  • Drowsiness
  • Dry Mouth
  • Nausea
  • Gastrointestinal Issues (indigestion, diarrhoea, etc.)

FDA Disclaimer

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, and/or cure any disease. It is recommended that you check with your physician before adding them to your diet.
*Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural constituent of hemp plant oil.

AYUSH Disclaimer

These statements have not been evaluated by the AYUSH Ministry and are not intended to diagnose, treat, and/or cure any disease. It is recommended that you check with your physician before adding them to your diet.
*Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural constituent of hemp plant oil.

Buy Full-spectrum CBD Oil Drops in India | FAQs

What is full spectrum CBD?

Full spectrum CBD contains multiple plant extracts from cannabis. These include essential oils, terpenes, and cannabinoids. Full spectrum extracts may also contain up to 0.3% of THC (the high-causing component).

What’s better full spectrum or broad spectrum CBD?

Full-spectrum CBD is more potent especially when THC levels are less than 0.3%. This is because they undergo the least amount of processing and retain the original therapeutic value of the plant.

Broad-spectrum CBD undergoes chemical processes to remove THC which can affect the potency.

Will full spectrum CBD oil make you high?

Low amounts of THC (up to 0.3%) in full spectrum CBD oil should not make you feel high. However, this would depend on the dosage and potency of the product. If you take a product that’s highly potent, you may be ingesting enough THC to cause intoxication.

How does full spectrum oil make you feel?

CBD oil can make you feel calm and relaxed, in addition to other health benefits. The presence of THC in full spectrum extracts may cause some intoxication.

Is full spectrum CBD safe?

Full spectrum CBD is not approved by the AYUSH Ministry of India. Though some cannabis leaf formulations fall under Ayurvedic medicines, there is no guarantee that full spectrum CBD is safe and will prove effective for you.

How long does full spectrum CBD stay in the system?

CBD typically stays in the system for 2-5 days. However, depending on the metabolism of the body, it may stay in the system for weeks.

What is the strongest full-spectrum CBD oil?

In India, 1000mg and 1500mg of full spectrum CBD are the highest strengths available.

What drugs should not be taken with CBD?

The interaction of allopathic drugs with CBD is still under research. From what we know, some drugs that may interfere with the functioning of CBD are:

  • Antibiotics
  • Anticancer medicines
  • Blood Thinners
  • Gastrointestinal medications
  • Antihistamines
  • Blood pressure and Cholesterol medicines
  • Heart rhythm medications
  • Antipsychotics and Antidepressants

Does full-spectrum CBD show up in a drug test?

CBD will not show up in a drug test because drug tests do not scan the body for CBD. However, the trace amount of THC present in full spectrum extracts can show up in the system.

What are the side effects of CBD?

Possible side effects of full-spectrum CBD include drowsiness, indigestion, gastrointestinal problems, dry mouth, and nausea.

Where can I buy full spectrum CBD oil in India?

It is possible to buy full-spectrum CBD in India online through platforms such as ItsHemp.

Is CBD oil legal in India?

Yes. Since 2019, CBD products with low THC content are legal for use in India, irrespective of the medical condition of the patient.

Is full spectrum CBD good for pain?

Yes. CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids work in synergy to reduce inflammatory and neuropathic pain in the body. Full-spectrum CBD proves effective in managing pain in arthritis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, as well as chemotherapy side effects.

Can you take too much CBD?

While no fatal overdoses of CBD have been reported, in highly large dosages CBD can cause drowsiness, upset stomach, lethargy, nausea, and diarrhoea.

Is taking CBD everyday bad for you?

Taking CBD everyday supports the overall well-being of the body, boosts the metabolism, and reduces sleep.

How much does full spectrum CBD cost?

Full spectrum CBD oil drops in India can cost anywhere from ₹2500 to ₹10,000. The cost of a CBD product depends on the potency, quantity, and strength of the product.

Is CBD good for focus?

CBD can help in improving focus by targeting the underlying factors such as stress, lack of sleep, and chronic conditions. However, at present there is little evidence suggesting CBD’s direct effect on focus.

Does full spectrum CBD make you tired?

CBD does not have intoxicating effects so it would not cause negative effects such as excessive sedation, fatigue, or drowsiness.

How long does full spectrum CBD take to work?

The effect onset time (time CBD takes to show effects on the body) for CBD depends on the method of consumption.

Sublingual consumption (placing CBD drops directly under the tongue) shows effects within 5-20 minutes. 

Adding CBD drops to food or consuming CBD edibles take up to 1 hour to show effects.

Topical (external application on the skin) use of CBD shows effects within 1-5 minutes.

Is full spectrum CBD sold over the counter?

In India, full-spectrum CBD with less than 0.3% THC can be bought over the counter without a prescription. However, extracts with a higher percentage of THC classify as Ayurvedic medicines and are available in India only with a valid prescription.

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