Ayurvedic Cannabis Medical Listing Guidelines (Free E Book)


This e-book lists the information that makes understanding an Ayurvedic Cannabis product easy for users. This book is a guide for brands to help them describe their products better and Customers can use the information in this book as a checklist of things to look for while purchasing an Ayurvedic (medical) Cannabis product in India. Note: These guidelines are based on internal research and extensive customer feedback collected by the ItsHemp Team. It is not an official document



India is witnessing growth and popularity in the field of Ayurvedic Cannabis. An increasing number of people are willing to adopt an all-natural, ancient-in-nature approach towards health and wellness. This has led to a rise in the number of brands that are (re)creating classical and proprietary cannabis formulations.

The legal issues around the use of cannabis can be baffling to someone unaware of the industry. In order to avoid confusion and mishappenings, the team at ItsHemp has developed a format to showcase adequate and necessary information about Ayurvedic Cannabis Products. This document can be used as a reference by sellers and buyers alike.

Sellers can view the contents of this book as guidelines to include while describing their product. Buyers can use this guide as a checklist of things to look for while purchasing an ayurvedic (medical) cannabis product in India.

Each component in the list has been iterated with an example (from existing brands that currently provide the relevant information) to help both buyers and sellers understand the points clearly.

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