Cannaleaf Strong Full spectrum Cannabis Leaf Extract


This is a prescription based ayurvedic medicine.

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Cannaleaf Strong Benefits:

1. Improves Immune Function
2. Pain Management
3. Fights Lifestyle Diseases
4. Relaxant
5. Improves Neurological Disorders & Mental Health
6. Regulates Gut Health

-Helps with Neurological and Physical Pain
-Helps with Sleep
-Promotes Relaxation
-Helps with period cramps & PTSD
-Reduces inflammation
-Assists with cancer-related pain
-Helps with nausea
-Eases stress-related issues
-Helps with sexual disorders

*Please consult a medical professional for assistance on the right product for you.
*All our products are made from the Cannabis Leaf excluding the flowering top
and are intended for medical purposes only.
Recommended for age groups 21+ and below 60

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