IRB 1000 Cannabryl RAW Cannabis Tincture 1000mg 1:1 (CBD BALANCED), 30ml


1000mg full-spectrum raw cannabis tincture with balanced CBD & THC ratio (1:1) 

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Strength: 1000mg
Quantity: 30ml
CBD-THC ratio: 1:1

The Raw Cannabis Tincture contents are very close to nature in raw form meaning very little processed, this ensures that the extract used to prepare raw tincture contains all Terpenes, Flavonoids and Cannabinoids.

The presence of all the Phytochemicals known or unknown, proven scientifically or unproven is definitely present in the extract along with Plants natural waxes, lipids, and chlorophyll makes the cannabis tincture Full spectrum.

We can correlate the term of full-spectrum to white light wherein all colours possible are present.

The formulation here is referred to as “CBD BALANCED” meaning CBD sets of cannabinoids & THC sets of cannabinoids present in the medication are present in equal ratios.
For example, The Tincture IRB 3000 mg Contains 1500mg of CBD & 1500mg of THC.

In addition, this raw tincture also contains terpenes and flavonoids as originally present in the cannabis plant.

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