IPB 1500 Cannabryl DEWAXED Cannabis Tincture 1500mg 1:1 (CBD BALANCED), 30 ml


1500mg full-spectrum extract with balanced CBD and THC ratio (1:1) 

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Strength: 1500mg
Quantity: 30ml
CBD-THC: 1:1

Packaging: Tinctures come in UV protective blue coloured glass bottles, with silicon rubber, Sealed child resistance cap and calibrated glass pipette.

Each 0.25 ML of dropper calibrations is equivalent to six drops of fluid.

Dewaxed Cannabis Tincture is a Formulation based on Dewaxed Cannabis Extract, wherein plant’s waxes, Lipids and chlorophyll are removed to a great extent to improve the taste and texture of the Tincture. Chlorophyll present in the extract makes it Dark Green (blackish brown) in colour.

Apart from waxes lipids and chlorophyll all active naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids are present in dewaxed tincture.
The dewaxed products offered under Cannabryl Brand tastes just like any other medicinal taste but a strong flavour of Cannabis. But it is not oily, greasy. The tincture just mixes with saliva and is gulped down the throat easily.

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