What to expect from a Medical Cannabis Consultation in India?

Medical Cannabis Consultation in India

In-depth research will tell you that it is now possible to book an online medical cannabis consultation in India. You may be curious about exploring this course of treatment or may have already decided to do so. Irrespective, there will be a lot of questions inside you while preparing for your consultation.

Because the popularity of medical cannabis consultation in India is fairly new, almost everyone wonders what exactly to expect from a cannabis consultation. Of course, because this is a sensitive course of treatment, it is important to be prepared.

If you’re feeling unsure about what an online medical cannabis consultation in India is likely to consist of, here is a list of 4 things you can expect during a medical cannabis consultation.

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Expect an in-depth Discussion on Your Condition

An online medical cannabis consultation in India includes discussing your health condition, symptoms, and the process through which medical cannabis can help you. The doctor may ask for your medical history—generalized or in relation to the condition you’re currently targeting.

Medical cannabis consultations will also include conversations about the previous medications you may have taken. There will also be a discussion on the current medication you’re taking. This is important to understand the potential interaction they can have with medical cannabis.

The doctor may also ask to see your medical reports and diagnostic cards to understand your previous course of treatment. It helps therefore, to have all your documentations in one place right before the consultation.

Be Ready to Give Reasons for Considering Medical Cannabis

As miraculous as medical cannabis can be, it is not the first route of treatment that someone seeks. A part of your online medical cannabis consultation will include a discussion on why you’re considering the use of medical cannabis.

It always helps to prepare the reasons because of which you’ve chosen to adopt medical cannabis treatment. More often than not, it is the ineffectiveness of previous medication or their intolerable side effects that push someone to try medical cannabis.

Additionally, because medical cannabis is a serious course of treatment, you should be prepared to tell the doctor as to what you expect from medical cannabis as a treatment. Your consultant can ask you detailed questions about your expectations.

It helps to be prepared with any research you may have conducted and describe the potential benefits of medical cannabis for your specific condition.

Prepare to Learn About Different Types of Cannabis Products

It is possible that your research might have led you to settle on a specific medical cannabis product. However, during your online consultation, you can expect to receive the latest information on other types of products and delivery methods.

A quality consultation will help you understand the facts on the risks and benefits, pros and cons of medical cannabis. In the process, you may learn about the different types of medical cannabis products that you can use.

Your consultant should ideally be able to give you the information about the science behind medical cannabis and the products available. For example, a consultation may have a discussion on the benefits and drawbacks of products like capsules, oils, edibles, etc.

Be Ready to Receive a Treatment Plan and a Dosing Guide

During your online medical cannabis consultation, the doctor may share with you a plan outlining the course of treatment you’ll be undergoing. You will also receive information on dosing and basic guidelines that will help you decide the minimum effective dosage.

This is important because dosage in medical cannabis products can get tricky. The doctor will help you understand how the dosage works and the procedure you need to follow to find out the suitable dosage for yourself.

Expect a Follow-up in 4-6 weeks

Your online medical cannabis consultation in India should never be a standalone event. You should talk to the doctor to schedule the next appointment in which you can discuss your progress.

You can also review the dosage you’ve been prescribed and help the doctor make adjustments accordingly.

How to book an online Medical Cannabis Consultation in India?

Online medical cannabis consultations in India are fairly new. These can be conducted through dedicated online platforms. In India, medical cannabis is prescribed by Ayurvedic doctors. Platforms like CannabisDoctors connect you to certified Ayurvedic doctors from all over the country.

To visit an online Medical Cannabis Consultation in India:

  • Visit
  • Choose between audio and video consultations.
  • Select a doctor of your choice.
  • Click CONTINUE.
  • Pick a Date and Time for your consultation. The platform currently allows you to book consultations at least 24 hours prior.
  • Fill in the details of the patient (including name, email, phone number, sex, age, weight, height, medical condition, and cannabis experience.)
  • Proceed to payment.
  • Once the payment is complete, you will receive an email confirmation with the date, time, and method of consultation.

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